Manurewa Central School Toilet Block

Manurewa Central School Toilet Block Exterior

The board of trustees of Manurewa Central School approached us to design a toilet block for the school. The toilet block is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The building is strategically positioned at a location where it not only serves as an
efficient toilet block for the boys and girls of the school, it is also serves as an aesthetically pleasing protection between the school grounds and swimming pool.

Despite being a barrier between the school and the pools, transparency and natural lighting is a large component of the project. Connectivity into the swimming pool is achieved through the use of full height windows wherever possible. Transparency in a
functional point of view optimises on supervision for the teachers, preventing student loitering.

Manurewa Central School Toilet Block Exterior showing courtyard

The ‘openness in design’ breaks away from the normal traditions of what people perceive as a conventional public toilet. When someone says public toilet, we are immediately visualise a dark, smelly, and cramped space. The Manurewa Central Toilet Block is designed to be a pleasant environment. Perforated mesh between the roofs and walls allow for a constant flow of natural
lighting and airflow, keeping the building well-lit and ventilated at all times.

The wash area is shared between all genders. The roof on the wash area is higher than the other two roofs. The objective is to create a more open and elevated space in the wash area. This is achieved by both raising the level of the wash area translucent roof, and using light colours within the wash area.

Manurewa Central School Toilet Block Interior showing sinks